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Detecting and fixing memory leaks in android

Memory Leaks in Android This article is all about finding and solving memory leaks in an Android application. What is a memory leak in android? Many a time we see ANR dialog while using android apps, lags in our apps, we also see OutOfMemoryError in Android Studio while building apps. All these kinds of stuff happen due […]

Understanding Android Core: Looper, Handler, and Handler Thread

MultiThreading and task running are old subjects. Java itself has java.util.concurrent package and Fork/Join framework to facilitate it. Several libraries have been written to streamline asynchronous operations. RxJava is the most popular library today for reactive programming and designing an asynchronous application. So, why am I writing about the old school? Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread are the Android’s way of solving the problems of […]

Essential Guide For Designing Your Android App Architecture

Android framework does not advocate any specific way to design your application. That in a way, make us more powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Why am I even thinking about this, when I am provided with Activity and I can, in essence, write my entire implementation using few Activities? Over the years writing […]