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Technology is like a game. More the levels, more interesting it turns out to be. The technology should never degrade, it should always keep on developing and should keep on growing. All the electronic devices have their own unique technology where they provide us with various features and those features make them stand out. Likewise, windows 10 has a feature of recording screen. When windows 10 came up with this new feature, it turned out to be impressive and was appreciated by all the technology lovers.

The recording screen option in windows 10 has a procedure to follow so as to make that work. The recording utility in windows 10 is known as Xbox game bar. With the help of this game bar, you can either capture the gameplay or you can also create your own tutorial for how to play certain games. There are few steps to follow so as to record the video of any app on windows 10. First you are supposed to open the app which you want to record. Sometimes it won’t open the file manager, but nothing to worry about. It will work on the regular apps. Second step is to press the windows button and the key G so as to open the game bar dialog. Third step is that to ensure whether a checkbox stating “Yes, this is a game” should appear. It is to make sure whether you are recording a game or some other app. Fourth step is to press on the START option so as to start recording the game or you can also go for its short key “ WIN+ALT+R”, this method will also help you in starting the game. Fifth step is to stop the red recording button and this option will be present on the top right of the program window. This is the procedure that you have to strictly follow so as to record a game.

The videos which you have recorded so far are MP4 files and you can find them in the folder which is available there and its name would be Captures. There is also a facility where you can trim the video and make it of the size you want it to be. This option is available in Xbox DVD base itself. The 5 step procedure is very helpful and it will surely work out well who wish to record screen using windows 10.

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